Friday, October 14, 2011

The Story of Us- The Beginning

It was 9 years ago that R asked me out on our first date. It was a horrible experience. I mean horrible.
The first thing I should mention is that before R and I started "talking" I had recently had my heart broken by my first love. Who can remember that? What a painful experience.

R called me that night after a couple weeks of talking on the phone and asked, with his mom and sister screaming in the background to "hurry up and do it before she has other plans". Should've known then how nosy those two were and how they wanted SO badly to control his life.

Anyways, he asked me to go to the Pasadena Livestock Show and Rodeo and like many years, it rained and rained and rained the days before which meant the land was sloppy with mud. I drove to his house. I wasn't ready for my parents to meet this new guy and plus I didn't want to introduce someone I didn't really know what was going on between us. I didn't know when I said I would meet him at his house that I would be driving us, along with his sister and her "friend". I still to this day don't know who that guy was. I guess I should mention that R was drinking when I arrived. Now, my parents very well knew that I drank in high school but they never had me drink openly in front of them. Then I found out I had to drive my new car to this muddy playground. This was after I promised my mother that I wouldn't drive and I wouldn't get the car dirty. We get there and have to park in the muddiest spot ever. Oh, did I mention that I had no idea that this was also a group date? Awkward.

We walked around and R drank openly. Have I told you that I was 17 and he was 16. So by the time that the concert started R was having a major dose of liquid courage. Now what happens here is that after the rodeo everyone jumps down from the stands and hovers around the stage area. We were standing there and somehow started dancing. R's hands started to wonder around the back of my body. First mid back, then waist and then butt. At that point I grabbed his hands and placed them at the waist again. I'm not sure what type of girl he thought I was but he was wrong. Mind you, the group date spectators were staring with such pride. I guess this was their vision of a perfect date. Wrong! Then the big moment. R kissed me. It was a bad, bad, bad kiss too. I'm smiling thinking about it. He needed a lot of teaching!

The concert was over or we decided to leave, I'm not sure which at this point because I'm just hoping to get the hell out of there, get home and take a shower and forget this night ever happened. Oh, but the night doesn't end there. As we are walking out of the stands, R decided he has to pee. And instead of walking the 5 feet to the bathroom, he starts peeing in a trash can. This infuriated two big ol' cowboys who gave him a stern talking too. I was actually happy because this type of behavior was just unaccepted in my eyes. We make our way back to his house and for the billionth time R makes the comment about how "rich" I am and how he can't believe that my parents bought me a Camry. I drove a Sonata.We get to his house and for some reason I go inside, I'm not sure why. I walk into his house and sit on the end of the couch. Everyone is staring at me. His mom is in the recliner and his dad standing behind it just smiling with delight. Then we realize R is no where to be found. After about five minutes of awkward staring I say, "Maybe I should go check on him". In which they send one of the group daters out to find out what happened. R had passed out in my car with one foot out the door. When he finally made his way inside, I decided I had enough and left.

I never was so happy to be home, in my house, with my morals. I remember laughing about the night on the way home, in the shower and when I was laying in bed. That was the worst date of my life. We still talk about it and how we both don't know why I stuck around after it. We've had a lot of first date redo's but what's done is done.

We were just two kids falling in love.

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