Friday, February 4, 2011

Cancel, Cancel, Cancel!

I am bummed. I've had my certification test scheduled for a while now and with this crazy weather it was canceled this morning.

Side note: Did you know that canceled can be spelled correctly with two l's (cancelled)and with one? I'm a stickler for proper spelling and I had to google it to make sure. But now it's underlined with red like it's spelled incorrectly. I'm confused!

Along with my certification test being canceled, I had to cancel our reservation at the San Luis also. I had planned a relaxing night and dinner at the Steakhouse. The San Luis is an absolutely beautiful hotel! I loved having our beautiful wedding at the resort.

Maybe I should also write about what is going as far as baby making. I'm still waiting for my cycle to begin to start taking the medication. Remember earlier when I said that life always seemed to get in the way? Well, life has gotten in the way again. R's company announced that they are selling his plant. Who knows what will happen next but we are confident he has a job for a good year. We shall see. It's very stressing with me still in school and the shortages of teaching positions open. I have to keep telling myself: "Let go and let God".

Another road block is my weight. I'm not happy with it and don't want to get pregnant and have to be on bed rest or have any complications. So I'm currently dieting. I'll update when there's more to update! :)

There's a lot going on right now it seems like. It may just be me though. I stress over a lot and I feel like a lot of unknowns are being thrown my way.

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day.  
~Author Unknown

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