Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fertility Specialist Appointment

Walker started school today and I went across town to meet with a new doctor. Since my HSG and R's semen analysis came back normal/great/no problems, she referred me to Houston IVF. She suggested one doctor within the practice that she went to medical school with but after reading their profiles, I found a doctor in the practice that specialized in PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). Since I am living with PCOS, I thought she would be the best since she is interested in it.

We had a great meeting. We talked about every thing, she wanted to see a picture of Walker, and we discussed what we would be trying. Since I have had blood work recently we skipped over that part and went straight to talking about medicines and ultrasounds. I really loved her. We talked about PCOS and she listened to all of my concerns, answered all of my questions, and even boosted my ego with complements about my knowledge and research of PCOS. (I'm pretty obsessed and have really done my share of digging and learning all about it).

With PCOS, at any time, you may become insulin resistant. What that means is that your kidneys pump out more insulin than your body really needs. I am not diabetic. My chances are higher for later in life to become a diabetic since I do have this crappy syndrome. So, with that knowledge, we decided to try out Metformin (a diabetic drug), to help regulate my body. I start taking that immediately and then if my cycle doesn't show up in a couple of days I'll start taking the Provera to kick start it. After Provera, I'll go in to have an ultrasound to look for fibroids or cyst and we'll begin the Clomid to start ovulation. There are lots more ultrasounds to go when I start Clomid.

I left the office feeling really good. She was confident that I would become pregnant and if not, that we wouldn't have to do IVF. IUI was a possibility but right now we aren't focused on that. Three cycles of Clomid and then we would try another drug called Femara.

So cross your fingers, toes, and eyes. Let's get pregnant! 

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