Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Momma!

That's right. Momma has entered her last year in her 20's. I'm not sure how the heck that happened and where the time went? I still see myself as a young 18 year old hungry for life,without a care in the world . I hope that never fades.

We celebrated mine and my dad's birthday with our traditional birthday lunch. This year we chose BJ's and it did not disappoint.
Walker's card nearly brought me to my breaking point. He's my special little bird. I love him.

The Emerys




Sisters and Dad

Birthday twins!

Nana and Izzy

It's sad when you see pictures of my family that my brothers are missing in physically but not in the spiritually. One brother is in Heaven and the other is across the world. I think of both of them when it's just our little family during the holidays.

 Ended the night with R's annual birthday cake. He made it a little late this year so we had dessert for Christmas.
 I asked him why he picked purple icing and he said, "Because there's purple on the candles". He's learning.
I'm 29 and feeling fine!

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