Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Walker!

Happy 2nd birthday, my sweet angel baby. You bring so much joy to not only Momma and Daddy's life but to everyone you have come in contact with. People love you and your perfectness. 

Your second birthday was much harder on Momma than your first. There has been such a drastic change in the little person you were and now have become. You are no longer a baby, no matter what Daddy says. You may revert to your baby self when he's around, but that doesn't me! I know you soak it in and let your Daddy delve into you needing him. 

I love you to the moon and back again a million times. I love spending my days with you and miss you so much when you are at school. You such a sweet boy. 

Walker spent his actual birthday at school celebrating with donut holes and sharing with his class. R woke up with a stomach bug which we thought was food poisoning. Once picking Walker up from school, I knew I was next on the list. How was I going to take care of R and myself when we both felt like death? I tried my hardest to not damper Walker's birthday but before you know it, he started in on the stomach bug.

The next couple of days were horrible and we tried to get back on track with the celebration of spaghetti and ice cream. We never made it past the spaghetti. Heck, we never even made it to a few bites in.

What a crappy birthday but you know what? We still sang, had some laughs, and even puked our guts out! A birthday to remember! :)

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